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Modern House with a Pool


Last Chance till 30th June 2020

With governments recent law (4495/17) for the protection of built environment, every owner who has illegall parts in any building in his property has the right to legalize it. In order to do that he has to pay a fine (only one)- which will be clearly smaller from the fine which Urban Planning agency will ask after inspection in your property. This way somebody will be able to legalize permanently his property or to freeze fines for about 30 years according to the category his/her property is classified...

Modern Design Home


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takes the responsibility to carry out your construction project with consistence, reliability and speed.


It is a prerequisite by the law that a lot of surveys must be done in order to issue a building licence..

Πολιτικός Μηχανικός Κέρκυρα Σιδάρι Ενεργειακός Επιθωρητής Τοπογραφικά Άδειες Μελέτες Αυθαίρετα Βασιλειάδης Ιωάννης ΑΕΙ

The energy certificate is the enviromental ID of your property and is mandatory for many procedures such as renting, selling your property etc.

Also the imminent announcement of the building energy efficiency program gives you the opportunity to improve the energy consumption of your house . This program funds you up to 70% of the budget you are wiiling to spend so that your house improves its energy efficiency. 



Are you ready to sell or buy a new property? Do you need a license to build something new? Do you need documents that reassures you that this property belongs to you? Do you want to know how many fo square meters of building can be build in a plot?  Then you certainly need a topographical survey. Our office can provide you with this document by giving you accuracy and affordable prices.


This procedure takes time because many surveys has to be taken in order a store can be opened to the public. With a sense of responsibility we are taking care of any survey that is needed and we confront with the unavoidable greek bureaucracy.

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home_L room Gousades 2
3 in One - L room Kitchen Corfu
3 in One - L room Corfu
3 in One - L room Corfu
3 in One - L room Office Corfu
3 in One - L room Office Corfu
3 in One - L room Corfu
3 in One - L room Corfu
3 in One - L room Corfu
3 in One - L room Corfu
3 in One - Bathroom Corfu


You wish to renovate your house or your store.. You want to restore your traditional home? Our office has the best qualified manpower for this job!

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Construction / Licence

Did you ever wished for your own swimming pool and that was only a dream? Our office has the ability to make your dream come true.

Are you concerned or preoccupied that this construction might be harmful for your health and especially for your children's health? Then your answer to your doubts is a Bio-pool. It is the best Eco friendly solution and keep you happy and above all healthy.

Κατασκευή / Άδειες Πισινών
Κατασκευή / Άδειες Πισινών
Κατασκευή / Άδειες Πισινών
Κατασκευή / Άδειες Πισινών
Κατασκευή / Άδειες Πισινών
Κατασκευή / Άδειες Πισινών
Κατασκευή / Άδειες Πισινών
Κατασκευή / Άδειες Πισινών
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Because our office aims to the best service combining honesty and legallity. In every case we propose you the perfect solution for any technical issue you have, according with your special needs. Our goal and top priority is to have 100% satisfied customers.

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